A fabulous vintage charm bracelet with the theme of vices charms that range in age from the Art Deco to Mid-Century period.  From left to right the bracelet features a pair of cufflinks, a martini glass with olives, a martini shaker, a fur coat, the number 13 in an upside-down horseshoe, a slot machine with a Las Vegas tag, an ace of hearts card, a devil's head with red crystal eyes, a die, a cigarette lighter with moveable parts, a pack of cigarette with moveable parts, a bag of gold and a bottle of champagne in a bucket.  This is a whimsical conversation piece that is great for an evening out!

Measures 7.75" long and will fit a medium to large wrist.

Weighs 42.5 grams.  The largest charm is the ace of hearts which measures 1" in length.  All charms are stamped "STERLING".