Now I know from experience that there are only some of you who will appreciate these--and if you don't, I get it--but if you ARE someone who appreciates hairwork, look at these!!!  These super duper long Victorian earrings are made of woven human hair, with 18k end caps set with a little turquoise cabochon circa 1870.  For the new initiates, this hair most likely came from someone that the wearer knew and held dear and was either given to a jeweler to craft the hair, or done at home.  These were most likely professionally done and it blows my mind that they are still here, intact, not a hair out of place.  They measure a whopping 3 7/8" including the ear wire, which we replaced with a contemporary gold fill wire as they came with wire that was not original.  Priced to be affordable to a special, awesome collector!