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Bavier Brook

SOLD--Victorian Faceted Sardinian Coral Necklace c. 1860

SOLD--Victorian Faceted Sardinian Coral Necklace c. 1860

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This is a very rare natural, untreated oxblood color Sardinian coral necklace from the Mid-Victorian period.  Individual angular faceted graduated beads alternated with round beads to give the piece a very spiky, modern look but it is over 150 years old.  Amazing!  And of course it has the most desired Mediterranean oxblood coral color too--just an astonishing antique necklace, we love having it in the store.

This necklace measures 15" in length, so it will fit a small to medium-small neck.  The round beads are 3.5mm and the faceted beads graduate from 10mm to 15mm in length.  The clasp has gold-filled elements that are contemporary to the necklace, but the gold-filled chain link were added in a later time period to extend the length. 

The beads are in very good condition with no cracks, though there are small chips and nicks on the reverse which is typical of coral pieces of this age.



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