I can honestly say that I never get tired of bohemian garnets!  Every time I see them set in a piece I just think, now THAT is a jewel.  These gorgeous rose cut pyrope garnets--called bohemian garnets after the region where they were mined--are a fiery dark red and are set foil-backed in a gilt silver setting depicting a classic Victorian honeymoon motif of a crescent moon cradling a star.  This piece was made in what is now the Czech Republic, but was then part of the Austro-Hungarian empire, around 1880 and is in wonderful condition.  Treat yourself or someone you love to a true romantic jewel!

Measures 1 3/8" diameter.  Not stamped or signed but tested for metal content.  All garnets original, one small garnet broken at tip of crescent, noticeable under magnification.