This exceptional set of Victorian cameo jewelry speaks for itself.  Depicting the god Bacchus, or Dionysus, on the brooch and his followers the Bacchantes on the earrings, this set is expertly carved in shell and beautifully set in 14k gold within a frame of natural pearls.  Engraved "Francis" on the reverse on the brooch.  Gorgeous!

The brooch measures 1.75" x 1.5" and has original fittings though the bail has been removed.  One pearl has most likely been replaced.  The earrings measure 1.25" length including the earwire and 7/8" width.  One pearl has most likely been replaced.  One earwire has been repaired but with the original earwire.  All cameos in excellent condition with no chips or cracking.  Not stamped or signed but acid-tested for 14k.  Patina to most gold surfaces that can be removed as desired.