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Bavier Brook

SOLD--Post Modern Memphis Enamel Earrings, Eve Kaplin c. 1985

SOLD--Post Modern Memphis Enamel Earrings, Eve Kaplin c. 1985

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If you came into the store this summer you may have seen a spectacular display of Eve Kaplin's jewelry in the window and the large case inside.  These pieces hail from 1980 to early 1990's and were produced by one studio, Eve Kaplin Designs which was located in NYC.  I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to purchase a large collection of Eve Kaplin's works and words cannot properly express how much these pieces shocked and delighted me as I opened up each box--much as they must have when people first encountered them thirty years ago.  The palette is vibrant and stunning, the scale and dimensions bold and balanced.  And the whimsy!  And elegance.  And fashion.  And art.  Even though Eve Kaplin didn't associate her work with the Memphis movement, her pieces so perfectly encapsulate the spirit of this time that I feel she's the most important jeweler of this period.  I remember her pieces from when I was too young to buy them and now I'm a collector--dreams do come true everyone!

These earrings are from Eve Kaplin's Fable Series circa mid-1980s and are called "Whirligig".  I have two pairs and that is why I'm able to part with one!  Each piece is baked enamel over brass and all of the jewelry is completely handmade.  Small series of each piece were made with various color combinations depending on what was available at the time in the studio.  These earrings are big and measure 3" in length x 2" width.  They WILL be noticed!  There are bits of enamel loss here and there, but they are still glorious.  Not many of this studio's pieces have survived!  If you see these earrings on my website and they just kick you right in the gut because they are so fantastic, I encourage you to research Eve Kaplin and see the amazingness that this studio produced!!  

I do buy Eve Kaplin's work--if you have some you would like to sell please contact us!

All purchases from Bavier Brook arrive in an elegant box, fully wrapped in fine paper. Please inquire for international shipping. Don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions, we are happy to answer them!



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