This is one of the finest Czech necklaces I've ever seen and it certainly is one of the most beautiful.  Swirling green glass with a few flecks of cobalt blue is surrounded by the most amazing silver-plated filigree work, with emerald green faceted crystals framing the centerpiece.  Look at the back, even that is a masterpiece of Art Deco craftsmanship!  Substantial and slightly weighty, this necklace is Czech design and glasswork at its very best.  Please note:  I am currently in very much love with this necklace and if you come into the store I WILL be persuading you to try it on.

This necklace measures 16" in length with another 3.5" for the drop.  Wear to the silver plating with the brass showing through in a number of areas, but gives the piece a nice patina.  The clasp is sterling silver and almost definitely a replacement.  All beads and stones original and in very good condition.