I so envy whoever gets this amazing snake ring!  This late Georgian jewel features two intertwined snakes in silver-topped 15k gold, set with foil-backed rose cut diamonds and ruby eyes.  The piece was made circa 1830 during the late Georgian to early Victorian period.  The eyes have likely been replaced at some point over the long life of this beauty and it is possible that these are synthetic rubies, though I can't tell for sure due to the closed back setting.  It was very skilled work, and not recent.  I haven't seen a Georgian snake ring with this double-headed design before, it is incredibly striking on the finger.  I am sorely tempted to keep this ring and I am having trouble hitting the button to post this listing because I know I will never see another like it!  If you love this ring, snatch it up before I change my mind!  

Currently a size 8.5 and can be resized carefully by a skilled jeweler.  Not stamped or signed but tested for metals and stones.  Face of ring measures 5/8 x 5/8".  

Please note that Georgian jewelry and foil-backed stones are not suitable for everyday wear.  Care should be taken when wearing Georgian pieces to avoid impact on the piece, water and chemicals such as cleaning agents, cosmetics, etc.  Please don't clean Georgian jewelry in ultrasonic cleaners, steamers or jewelry cleaning solutions.