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Bavier Brook

Georgian Pink Sapphire and Rose Cut Diamond Ring 14k c. 1820

Georgian Pink Sapphire and Rose Cut Diamond Ring 14k c. 1820

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Well this is just one of those rarities that doesn't come along very often!  A later Georgian foil-backed natural pink sapphire and rose cut diamond ring with a floral band circa 1820.  This ring originally had black enamel in the recessed areas of the band with traces of it still visible today.  The rose cuts are very sparkly but with a dark sparkle, several of these stones would be considered fancy-color light brown (this is not due to the foil color, but the color of the diamond). There is no mistaking the age of this ring when you wear it--it looks old and mysterious, as all great antiques do!  Whether the pink sapphire is original to the setting or not is unclear, it fits very well and if it was altered it was an early addition.  Who owned this ring and preserved it for all these years?  And who will be this amazing ring's new guardian?  

This ring is currently a size 8 and can be resized CAREFULLY.  The sapphire weighs approximately .65ct and the rose cuts measure around 3mm in diameter.  Face of ring measures 1/2" x 5/8".  Not stamped or signed but stones and metal have been tested.  All stones in very good condition with minor nicks and fleabites.  Foil-backings in good condition with very little deterioration.  Repair to the shank at shoulders, well done and stable.  

**Please note, Georgian rings are gorgeous artifacts from literally hundreds of years ago and though beautiful, aren't suitable as engagement rings unless you are prepared to wear your ring very rarely.  This ring should never be submerged in water, and shouldn't be worn during any strenuous physical activity.  



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