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Bavier Brook

SOLD--Early Victorian Mourning Ring 18k c. 1851

SOLD--Early Victorian Mourning Ring 18k c. 1851

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Made in the early Victorian period, this 18k mourning ring features open scrollwork shoulders and woven hair under faceted crystal, surrounded by a natural pearl frame.  Engraved "A.M. 19 Jan. 1851" on the reverse and a worn "A.M 1851" on the band.  Size 7.25.   

So I know this ring isn't for everyone.  Why?  Because it is a mourning ring and after being in this business for 15 years I know that some people feel very strongly about mourning or hair pieces.  And that is fine, I absolutely get it.  But let me try to persuade you, because these beautiful, handmade, historical artifacts are SO special and they don't have to be seen as creepy or sad.  We all have death in our lives, we all experience mourning, it is the human condition.  The people that lived in the Georgian and Victorian eras when these pieces were most popular were people just like us--they joked and laughed, fell in and out of love, hung out with their friends, grew up and married and raised their children.  But without our modern advancements in medicine and healthcare, death was ever-present on a daily basis and they weren't as far removed from it as we are in our current culture.  To the Georgians and Victorians, wearing someone's hair in a piece of jewelry was the most intimate way to keep a reminder of them with you.  It is actually really touching and lovely, not creepy or ghostly.  We may not know the "A.M." from this ring, but they were a person like us and someone loved them and wore this ring.  These mourning pieces may have marked a sad occasion, but they represent love and when it comes to humanity, that is as good as it gets!  

Size 7.25 and can be resized carefully.  One resizing provided with purchase, please allow one week.

Not stamped but tested for metal content.

Measures 9mm at the widest.  

Ring is in very good condition.  Abrasions to the facet junctions of crystal.  Pearls in great condition, as is setting.  Hairwork also in very good condition.

All purchases from Bavier Brook arrive in an elegant box, fully wrapped in fine paper. Please inquire for international shipping. Don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions, we are happy to answer them!



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