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Bavier Brook

SOLD--Antique Giant Rose Cut Diamond Ring 18k

SOLD--Antique Giant Rose Cut Diamond Ring 18k

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WHOA!!!  Look at this rose cut!!  Yes, this is a diamond and it is spectacular!  I haven't seen a ring like this, it is completely one-of-a-kind and s currently blowing my mind.  If you want to see it in extreme action--here is a video of it in daylight on our Instagram, as only motion does this beauty justice:

While this stone weighs approximately .85ct, it reads like a 3.00ct diamond as it is very large and very flat.  This isn't a rose cut that comes to a point, it is cut almost like a tablet though there is a very slight arc to the crown---it is quite interesting actually!  The girdle is very rough and shows the natural surface of the diamond crystal that this stone was cut from.  This stone is also extremely high clarity for a rose cut with a grade of SI1.  Under a loupe you see a couple of small crystals and then the rest of this stone is clean!  It is kind of amazing.  The color grades as I-J, but this stone will pick up whatever color is underneath it and how it looks on you will depend on your skin tone (I am redheaded/fair and it looks pinkish on me).  

As to the mounting, it is handmade and older, but it is impossible to determine the age.  I feel comfortable saying pre-1930's, but it could be much older.  This rose cut no doubt started life in a foil-backed setting and either that setting was altered to set the diamond open, or it was remounted.  At some point this ring had rhodium applied which I had my jeweler remove to show that beautiful old 18k yellow gold.  There are still traces of rhodium inside the basket.  The setting is very stable and ready for wear.

This would make the MOST incredible engagement ring.  Not everyone will understand this stone, but for the person who does it will knock their socks right off.  If you can, come try it on in person and you will see exactly what I mean!

Currently a size 6 and can be resized as needed.  Face of the ring measures 14.5mm x 12.5mm.  Not stamped or signed but acid-tested for 18k.  






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