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Bavier Brook

Early Victorian Rose Cut Diamond and Enamel Mourning Ring 18k c. 1848

Early Victorian Rose Cut Diamond and Enamel Mourning Ring 18k c. 1848

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This exquisite ring is a mourning ring, made with deep cobalt blue enamel set with rose cut diamonds in 18k.  Inscribed "15 Mar. 1848 Obt 79" and "Rev W Mills, Sr.".  There is a little compartment in the reverse where a lock of hair would have been placed, which is now gone.  This is a collector's item for several reasons.  One, this is a ring that you wear every so often--the rest of the time you take it out and look at it and know that you have something very special and rare.  You collectors KNOW what I'm talking about!  Our treasures!  The next is that this is a funereal ring; this ring was provided for in the will of the deceased and was given to the family at this person's passing.  This sounds ghoulish to many people and I get it, but these rings were very much part of the culture of the time and are historical objects--which is what collecting is all about!

Size 5.5 and cannot be resized.

Not stamped or signed but tested for metal content.

Contains seven natural rose cut diamonds, all appear original.

Measures 6.5mm wide at the widest.

Weighs 2.9 grams.

In excellent antique condition.  

All purchases from Bavier Brook arrive in an elegant box, fully wrapped in fine paper. Please inquire for international shipping. Don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions, we are happy to answer them!



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