When I found this ring, I had an emotional reaction to it and honestly I got a little teary.  It is such a special, intimate piece that was clearly very important to someone.  I really felt the need to rescue it!  This is a Victorian hardstone cameo ring of carnelian and jasper set in 14k rose gold c. 1876 or earlier.  The back of the ring is engraved "F.E.H. Oct 2nd 1876".  

I think one of the things that really touched me about this piece is how lifelike this cameo is.  It is so, so beautifully carved that even under my microscope at the highest setting it never really showed a flaw.  And it is a very personal carving too, it isn't the standard classical cameo face that you see on pieces from this era -- this looks like a real person.  Based on her hairstyle, this is a Regency-era lady circa 1820.  Was she carved from life?  Did the wearer know this person?  Perhaps this is a mourning ring with the likeness of someone who had passed.  Because it is a larger size at a size 9 than is typically seen for a Victorian lady's ring, I like to think that it was a man's ring with the likeness of his true love.  Two fleur-de-lys grace the band with an interesting bolt or screw design in the center.  This ring is substantial with a wide band and nice weight.  In excellent condition, it has been well taken care of all of these years.

Currently a size 9 and can be resized carefully as needed, though there will be a seam interrupting the pattern.  Weighs 8.1 grams.  Not stamped but acid-tested for metal content.  Face of ring measures 3/4" length and band measures a bit over 1/4" wide.