This is without question the best locket we've ever, EVER had!  And we've had some beauties, but this one is just beyond gorgeous.  This is a Victorian diamond encrusted locket with taille d'epargne enamel in 18k gold circa 1860 and it is spectacular.  Measuring 7/8" long x 3/4" wide, the front of the locket holds fifty-nine (FIFTY-NINE!!!) old brilliant cut diamonds weighing approximately 1.90ctw.  These are very, very old cut diamonds--the cutter would follow the natural shape of the crystal to fashion the diamond which resulted in a variety of shapes as well as very deep stones with high crowns (top of the stone). They are expertly set and all are original to the piece.  The locket opens easily and closes very securely.  Inside is the original crystal compartment that would have held a lock of hair.  There is also the most gorgeous, delicate hand-engraving on every open space that is not occupied by enamel or diamonds.  This locket is a wearable size but has big presence, it is unbelievably sparkly in that way that only old cut diamonds are!  Everyone who has tried it on is in love with it, including me.

This piece is not stamped or signed but has been acid-tested for gold content.  This locket weighs 9.2 grams.  Chain is a more contemporary 14k estate chain.

Condition note:  There is loss to the enamel on the reverse of the locket. 

Do I want to keep this locket for myself?  Yes, yes I really do.  But I won't!  This locket is trying to find the right person and I can tell that as much as I love it, I am not the person this locket seeks.  If you think it could be you, don't hesitate to come in and see it in person, or ask questions--I am always happy to answer them!