This piece is truly a WOW! necklace and whoever gets it will hear that every time they wear it!  Teardrop shaped Royston turquoise are set in simple sterling silver bezels, letting those beautiful stones do all the talking.  One of the characteristics of Royston turquoise that I personally love is the juxtaposition of that striking blue-green turquoise color against the rusty orange of the host rock.  Thank you Mother Nature for such a gorgeous color combination!  A chunky handmade chain and S-clasp allow the necklace to be worn at the full length of 20" (not including the drop) or shortened all the way to 16" for a collar style necklace.  I've combed this entire piece for a signature but have not found one, which is a shame because this artist deserves credit!  Simple and bold, a true statement necklace for a turquoise-lover.  This is an incredible necklace offered at an amazing price.  

Measures 20" in length with additional 3" drop.  Not signed but stamped "925" on clasp and acid-tested for metal content.  Largest turquoise teardrop measures 2" x 1.25".  Turquoise most likely stabilized as is typical of Royston turquoise.  In excellent condition!