This is a very special and very old emerald and diamond paste locket in gilt brass or pinchbeck and silver from the early Victorian period circa 1850 and is one of the more interesting paste pieces we have seen.  This locket had a particular use in its day, as the wearer would place flowers or a scented cloth inside and delicately sniff it through that beautifully worked filigree to mask the notoriously strong odors of Victorian-era European cities.  Summer NYC subway riders can certainly relate!  Today we find a lock of hair inside, tied with the original twine.  This locket has survived all the way to the present day with the original pastes as well as the original crystal back, in excellent condition.  Paste lovers, this one definitely needs to be in your collection!

Measures 1.5" x 1.25" not including the bail.  Not stamped or signed.  Several of the pastes have darkened due to foil deterioration.  Opens and closes securely.  Comes with a vintage 22" gold-filled rope chain that matches well with the filigree.  Please note that this piece must be treated as an antique and should never be worn in the shower or when swimming!