This chunky, gemmy band is a late Art Deco era synthetic ruby channel set eternity band in 14k white gold circa 1940.  It contains thirty square cut synthetic rubies measuring approximately 2.6mm x 2.1mm each.  The band is a size 5.75 and cannot be resized.  It isn't marked but has been acid-tested for metal content.  It is nicely chunky, standing up 2mm from the finger when worn.

Okay, so here's the deal with synthetic rubies--yes they are man-made versus natural and yes they are grown in a lab, but synthetic ruby and sapphire have been appearing in some amazing pieces since the Victorian era and some of the most incredible Art Deco masterpieces have synthetic rubies, sapphires and even glass as accent stones.  So I think they get judged too harshly.  These stones were not looked at as lesser stones in their day, especially in the Victorian era when the science behind the synthesis was considered astounding.  We should enjoy them for what they are--the original stones to the original antique and vintage pieces to which they belong, and part of the history of jewelry and jewelry design..  And they are beautiful to boot!