Someone I know once said to me "I just love snakes, they are such interesting and beautiful creatures" and I thought to myself yeah, I love snakes too--in JEWELRY!!  Same goes for tigers, lions, dragons, some insects and anything else that I wouldn't dare to pet in real life.  But they sure do make amazing jewelry motifs!  And so presented here is an Art Deco flexible mesh double-headed snake bracelet with clear and amethyst glass stones made in a rosy gold-fill circa 1940.  This piece is a beauty and is well-made along the likes of German pieces from the era, which I suspect it is.  There is some wear to the gold-fill on the heads (none on the mesh, though our lighting makes it appear as such in the photos) which does not detract from the piece.  Expands to fit most wrist sizes.  This bracelet looks incredible on and can stand alone or add some bite to a stack of bracelets!