I can't tell you how excited I was when this piece came into the store--it is a special day when you get to hold something of this age and quality!  Brought in from a local estate, this exceptionally rare 18th Century brooch is bejeweled with foil-backed orange, pink and golden topaz as well as golden and light yellow citrine.  Most likely Portuguese and definitely mid to late 1700's!  Wow!!  Can you imagine WHO WORE THIS??!!  Where did they wear it??  What was the dress like?  Their hair?  Oh man, I could truly sit and daydream about it for hours.  This incredible piece would have originally be worn close to the throat as a pendant or a slide on a ribbon with matching gigantic earrings, but it was converted to a brooch with a trombone clasp in the 19th Century.  Though there are two stones missing (pictured) it is a miracle that this piece survived at all as it was customary, especially with Georgian jewelry, to alter and reimagine jewelry as the fashion changed.  Addtionally, the stones photographed rather dark, while the piece is much lighter and This magical piece has passed through many hands over the centuries and has stayed nearly intact and very original, the only repair being the addition of the brooch backing.  Guys I'm just going to warn you, if I have a good holiday season at the store this is going to be mine!  So if you want it you had better jump on it before I do!

Measures 2 5/8 x 2 5/8".  Not stamped or signed.  All stones tested--central element with brooch back is primarily topaz, central drop is citrine center with topaz surround, side drops are primary light yellow citrine (they appear green due to patina to the underlying foil).  Two stones are missing, one citrine and one topaz.  I strongly recommend leaving the brooch as-is unless you have a Georgian jewelry museum-level expert who can repair it for you.  These pieces are so scarce and anything can happen during the repair of a piece.  Store it in the box and do not allow this piece to get wet.  No impact on this piece either, so don't wear it on a jacket that you're going to take off and put on a chair, etc.  Take it out of the box and gaze at it often, knowing that you have an 18th Century jewel that is all yours!!   

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