Okay, if you have never seen saphiret in person and you're at all near to our store location, you MUST come in and see this piece!!  Saphiret glass was made in what is now the Czech Republic in the 19th and very early 20th Centuries.  But wait until you hear HOW it was made--glass makers would mix melted liquid gold into blue glass to create the magical beauty you see pictured here!  Please note, this is not like that costume jewelry your grandma had where a metallic coating was painted on the outside--this glass glows and changes color from within and is very alive.  From some vantages it is red or peach and then you move and it is blue--and always very, very sparkly.  I've tried to capture the color changes in the photos.  We've had one other piece of saphiret before at the store, it looked so amazing that it was all anyone saw in the cases and everyone asked "What is THAT?!".  It got snapped up immediately!  This one is just as good and genuine saphiret in general is very rare  In this bracelet we have ten faceted saphiret stones measuring 9mm width and one faceted saphiret orb measuring 11mm, set in brass circa 1890's.  This bracelet is adjustable from small (5.75") to medium (7.5") wrist sizes.  Grab this beauty before it is gone!

All purchases from Bavier Brook arrive in an elegant box, fully wrapped in fine paper. Please inquire for international shipping. Don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions, we are happy to answer them!