This is it folks, the granddaddy of all the rings that we've ever had at the store if the category is glamour and in this case, IT IS.  When this ring came into the store my eyeballs didn't just bug out, they fell out.  Are there bigger rings out there?  Sure.  Are there sparklier rings out there?  NO!  This fantastic, incredible, truly can't-believe-it-until-you've-seen-it Mid-Century cocktail flower ring is like no other.  It centers a Round Brilliant cut diamond weighing approximately .50ct that is surrounded by ONE HUNDRED FIFTEEN additional Round Brilliant diamonds weighing approximately 4.10ctw.  These diamonds are set in the massive platinum glitterdome disco ball at the top as well as the cascading petals that frame it.  Guys, this ring stands up a bit more than 3/4" from your finger when wearing it, but it looks like it stands up three feet.  It AIN'T FLAT.  And every single person that has tried it on has been shocked that it actually is extremely flattering on pretty much all hands.  Because it is magic (I think)!  If I haven't made it clear, this is the showstopper of showstoppers.  If you are someone with a very healthy cocktail ring budget who wants something that NO ONE else will have (and you also like your ring to get a lot of attention, which this one will) then here it is, your dream ring!

Currently a size 6.75 and can be resized as needed.  One resizing is provided at no charge, please allow one week.  **Sizing Note:  this is a top-heavy ring and should be sized as tightly as possible to stay upright.

Stamped "18K" and tested for metal content.  ***Note:  There is also a worn stamp that reads "ANY".  This ring previously had a guard soldered onto the shank to keep the ring upright, which was removed (not by us) and this partially removed the maker's mark.  The ring came in a Tiffany & Co. box and while this stamp appears to also be Tiffany, we are not selling it as such.

Weighs 25 grams.

Contains one Round Brilliant diamond weighing approximately .50ct with F-G Color and VS1 Clarity.  Also contains one hundred fifteen Round Brilliants diamonds weighing approximately 4.10ctw with F-G Color and VS1-SI2 Clarity.  All stones are secure in their settings, however caution should be taken when wearing this ring due to the height--no everyday wear, no digging in your bag or working out, etc.

All purchases from Bavier Brook arrive in an elegant box, fully wrapped in fine paper. Please inquire for international shipping. Don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions, we are happy to answer them!