After photographing this incredible necklace I am having a really hard time not wanting to keep it.  Like I want to keep it really, really badly.  It's a problem!  This is a very special necklace.  This freaking spectacular piece was purchased in Poland in the 1970's.  It consists of pieces of Baltic amber bonded together to create geometric and tonally interesting beads that graduate in size--the smallest bead is 1 1/8" (17mm) length, the largest 1 5/8" (42mm).  Yes it is gorgeous, it is bold, golden and striking on--like nothing you've ever seen.  But that isn't even the best part.  These beads are full of fossils.  Baltic amber is 44 million years old folks.  There are blades of grass, leaves and two of the beads contain insects.  Yes!  There are 44 million year old insects in this necklace.  I am not kidding and now I am selling this necklace to myself again, don't let me!!!  When I was examining these beads under my gemological microscope it was one of the most fascinating evaluations I have ever done.  I was there for hours, searching and marveling.  

The insects are tiny, they look like ants and one looks like a tick--I'm sure they have scientific names, but that is not my area of expertise.  I did my best to photograph them (see the photos with circles drawn around the insects and use zoom), but they are easily viewed in my store with a loupe--so come in and visit them!  This necklace is in the window if (because it doesn't fit in the case!) so take a gander when you pass by.  You won't be sorry you got to see this beauty before it goes to its new owner, whoever that very awesome person will be.  

Measures 26" length.  Has been restrung on new silk with new clasp.  

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