This is a very special pair of Victorian earrings, depicting a fan motif with pearl and grisaille enamel in 14k and silver accents circa 1870.  There's great delicacy to this design, with engraving on the fan blades and the fleur de lis style lattice work at the base.  Then there is the grisaille enamel over a cobalt blue foil--one lady appears to be reading, the other has finished her book and is just lounging in a pastoral setting.  Just an absolutely beautiful and beautifully made pair of antique earrings!

Measure 1.5 x 1".  

Not stamped or signed but tested for metal content.

Heavy patina to gold and silver.  This could be removed, we'll leave it up to the new owner.  All pearls present and appear original.  It's unknown if the top is original to the fan, but they're well matched. 

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